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Welcome to - an iterating progression of amusing stories told through daily drawn slides, and occasional one-off jokes.

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"I love surrealism because it's so furry, slimey, full of teeth and has a garage full of turtle eggs."
- Kieryn Phipps

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Hi, my name is Kieryn and thank you for visiting!

Since dumping aerospace engineering for a bachelor's in computer science back in 1999, I've generally thrown myself in the direction of a programming career. Enterprise software development can be fun, but I've also kept myself occupied with hobbies such as drawing, composing music, building a detailed scale model of a 17th century galleon and more trivial-but-fun tasks like raising a family.


So, way back at the end of March 2013, XKCD, the webcomic by Randall Munroe, began this comic called Time. You can find out all about it here, but essentially it was an extremely slow frame rate (1 frame per hour) animated story that lasted for over 4 months. Already being an avid XKCD fan, I followed it from the beginning and was immediately fascinated and later inspired by both the comic, and the amazingly creative community of fans that grew as it progressed. It was during that time (no pun intended) that I realized I needed to bring my creative soul to the forefront of my life and when at the end of July 2013 the comic ended, I decided it was time (again, no pun) for me to act.

Over the years, I've had ideas for movies, for novels, for video games. I have many stories I would like to share, but due to my skill set and time constraints, I've always felt it was a pipe dream. What Time showed me, was a new way to share a story, a way that is feasible for me to do with the time that I have, and at a pace that allows me to stick with it. It is indeed a very slow pace, so for those that need fast paced, instant gratification, I recommend that you continue going to see big Hollywood action movies or College Humor or StumbleUpon and such like. This site is for those who don't mind to wait.

My plan is to share short stories, jokes, and thoughts one 6" x 4" hand-drawn frame by frame and my goal is one frame per day, but I hope to increase the rate as I get better at this. For the meantime, please bear with me, and share your comments, ideas and own stories with me and others on the forum.

Finally, I hope that this site becomes both a place for amusement and eventually a place that inspires others to do that creative thing they always thought they couldn't.

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